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Hifiman Sundara vs Hifiman HE560: Which One Will Blow Your Mind?

Welcome to the exciting world of really good headphones! HiFiMAN is a well-known brand in the headphone industry and has many different products to choose from.

Two of their popular models are the Hifiman Sundara and the Hifiman HE560. Both of these headphones have really good sound, but there are some slight differences.

In this comparison review article, we’re going to find out which headphone is better: the HiFiMan HE-560 V4 Premium or the Sundara.

We’ll compare them closely and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll talk about the way they look, how they sound, how comfortable they are, and Some other Features.

If you want an amazing audio experience, whether you like heavy metal with loud guitar solos or classical music with beautiful melodies, we’ll show you all the great things about these headphones.

So, let’s get started with this exciting comparison and find out which one is the best for you and will make your music sound even better!

Comparison Table and Key Specifications: Hifiman Sundara vs. Hifiman HE560

The following are some key specifications that you should definitely be aware of and mention about the headphones now that you know a little about them!

Key FeaturesHIFIMAN SUNDARAHiFiMan HE-560 V4
Picture of HiFiMan HE-560 V4 Premium Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones (Black) HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic HiFi Stereo Wired Headphones for Studio Audiophiles Black
Headphones TypeOver EarOver Ear
Dimensions10.63 x 6.3 x 11.81 inches12.1 x 10.6 x 7.3 inches
Connectivity3.5 mm Wired6.35 mm Wired
Driver TypePlanar MagneticPlanar Magnetic
Frequency Response6Hz – 75kHz15Hz – 50kHz
Sensitivity94 dB90 dB
Impedance37 ohms45 ohms
Price Check Price Check Price

The above table tells about the differences between these two headphones now Let’s discuss the appearance of the HiFiMan Sundara and HE560 headphones.

Design Comparison: Hifiman Sundara vs. Hifiman HE560

Both models have a stylish and minimalist design that looks and feels high-end.

The Sundara features a lightweight and durable construction. It incorporates a metal headband with adjustable sliders, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit on various head sizes.

The ear cups are made of high-quality materials and have an open-back design. The open-back design not only adds to the visual appeal but also contributes to a more spacious and natural soundstage.

Similarly, the HE560 boasts a well-engineered design that ensures long-lasting durability. It features a headband that distributes the weight of the headphones evenly, reducing any potential discomfort during extended listening sessions.

The ear cups are spacious and padded with plush cushions, providing a comfortable fit and effective noise isolation.

Which Model Is Most Comfort: Hifiman Sundara vs. Hifiman HE560?

Comfort is an important factor when considering headphones, especially for long listening sessions.

The Sundara and HE560 excel in providing a comfortable fit, ensuring a pleasurable experience even during extended use.

The Sundara’s lightweight design and well-padded headband contribute to its comfortable fit. The adjustable sliders allow for a personalized fit, accommodating various head sizes and shapes.

The ear cups are spacious and lined with soft cushioning, providing a comfortable resting place for your ears without exerting excessive pressure.

The HE560 also prioritizes comfort with its ergonomic design. The headband design effectively distributes the weight of the headphones, reducing any potential discomfort or fatigue.

The ear cups are generously padded with plush cushions, offering a comfortable seal around the ears and minimizing any discomfort caused by prolonged use.

Both models are suitable for extended listening sessions, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite music without any discomfort or irritation.

Which Model Has the Best Sound Quality: Hifiman Sundara vs. Hifiman HE560?

The HiFiMan Sundara and HE560 are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, making them highly sought-after headphones among audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Voiceover artists, podcasters, and other audio professionals often use these headphones for their work, as they offer a high level of detail and accuracy.

The Sundara delivers a balanced and accurate sound signature with a wide soundstage. It offers excellent instrument separation, allowing you to discern individual elements within the music with ease.

The sound is detailed and transparent, providing a true-to-life representation of the recorded audio. The Sundara’s open-back design contributes to its spacious soundstage, creating a more immersive and natural listening experience.

The HE560 offers a flat, neutral sound signature, bordering on being somewhat boring and veiled.

While everything sounds good and there are no offensive or overdone elements, there seems to be a slight obstruction that creates a veiled sound across the entire frequency range. The highs, however, stand out the most, with accuracy, clarity, and authority.

This headphone excels in reproducing classical music, particularly with strings and orchestral instruments. However, the mid-range lacks detail and texture, which is especially disappointing for vocal-oriented music.

Both models excel in reproducing a wide range of genres, whether it’s classical, jazz, rock, or electronic music. They capture the intricacies and nuances of the recordings, allowing you to delve into the music and experience it in all its glory.

What are the Connectivity Options available in Hifiman Sundara or Hifiman HE560?

Both the HiFiMan Sundara and HE560 headphones provide versatile connectivity options to ensure compatibility with various audio sources and devices.

The Sundara headphones come with a 1.5m Y-cable that connects to your source using a 3.5mm TRS plug offering improved connectivity options.

This means you can easily connect the headphones to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and a wide range of devices without the need for additional adapters.

The 3.5mm socket is also more physically robust, ensuring a secure connection and minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection.

Additionally, the headphones now come with an upgraded cable made from stronger and improved materials, specifically designed for enhanced durability.

The use of oxygen-free copper (OFC wire) in the cable further enhances signal transmission, delivering pristine audio quality to your ears.

The headphones come with detachable cables, which provide flexibility and convenience for different scenarios. The detachable cables enable easy replacement or customization according to your specific needs.

They also allow for the use of aftermarket cables for those seeking further sonic enhancements or specific cable preferences.

Bass Performance: Hifiman Sundara vs. Hifiman HE560

The bass on these headphones is tight, controlled, and well-extended, providing an accurate representation of low-frequency elements in the music.

The Sundara offers a balanced bass response, which seamlessly integrates with the rest of the audio spectrum.

It provides a solid foundation for the music without overpowering or overshadowing other frequencies.

The bass is detailed and impactful, enhancing the overall listening experience across various music genres.

Similarly, the HE560 delivers a controlled and dynamic bass presentation. It provides a satisfying amount of depth and impact without compromising the accuracy and balance of the sound.

The bass response on the HE560 is well-suited for genres that demand both power and precision, such as electronic, hip-hop, and rock.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Both the HiFiMan Sundara and HE560 headphones offer exceptional audio performance and are highly regarded in the audiophile community. Here are some recommendations and conclusions to help you make an informed choice:

  • If you prefer a slightly smoother sound signature with a wide and spacious soundstage, the Sundara is an excellent option. It excels in accurately reproducing vocals and instruments across various music genres, making it a versatile choice for critical listening and enjoyment.
  • If you prioritize a touch more speed, dynamics, and a slightly more energetic sound, the HE560 is worth considering. It delivers a balanced and neutral sound signature with excellent instrument separation and vocal clarity, making it suitable for genres that demand quick transients and intricate details.

Ultimately, the choice between the Sundara and HE560 depends on your personal preferences and the specific characteristics you prioritize in your audio experience.

Both headphones offer exceptional build quality, comfort, sound quality, and connectivity options, ensuring a premium listening experience. Whichever model you choose, you can expect to enjoy detailed, accurate, and immersive sound reproduction.

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