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Sony WH-CH520 On-Ear Headphones Review 2024

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Introduction and Specifications

In the fast-paced world of audio tech, headphone options are abundant. A noteworthy player in affordable on-ear headphones is the Sony WH-CH520. Before we dive into the details, let’s explore its essential specs.

Weight144 grams
Battery LifeUp to 50 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2
ChargingUSB-C with quick charge
CustomizationSony Headphones App

Now, let’s embark on a detailed exploration of the Sony WH-CH520, examining its design, controls, microphone quality, software features, sound profile, and overall performance.

Sony WH-CH520 Design and Build

Design FeatureDetails
Color OptionsCream, Black, Blue, White
MaterialsLightweight Plastics
Weight144 grams
WearabilityTwistable design for neck-wearing
ComfortUpgraded padding on headband and ear cups
GripFirm grip for various activities

The Sony WH-CH520 impresses with its sleek and lightweight design, available in four color options. The predominantly plastic construction is expertly complemented by a matte finish, providing the headphones with an unexpectedly premium feel despite their budget-friendly price point.

The inclusion of subtle Sony branding on the headband adds a touch of sophistication, affirming the device’s pedigree in the audio industry. For those who value aesthetics, the WH-CH520 does not disappoint.

When it comes to comfort and weight are paramount considerations. Sony has taken these factors seriously, incorporating upgraded padding on both the headband and ear cups. This thoughtful design choice ensures that users can enjoy extended listening sessions without discomfort.

Wearability is also a noteworthy feature. The twistable design allows users to wear the headphones around their necks when not in use, providing a convenient alternative to traditional storage methods. This feature enables users to continue playing music or podcasts even when the headphones are not on their ears.

To further enhance the user experience, the WH-CH520 is designed with a firm grip, making it suitable for activities such as running, gym workouts, and even trampolining.

Sony WH-CH520 Controls

Control FeatureDetails
Volume ControlClicky buttons
Playback ControlsIncluded in volume buttons
Physical CableNo 3.5mm audio jack or USB-C port
LED IndicatorPower, pairing, and charging status
Air VentsBehind ear cups for enhanced driver performance

The control scheme on the WH-CH520 is intuitive and user-friendly. The inclusion of clicky buttons for volume control and playback adds a tactile element to the user experience. These buttons also serve double duty as skip functions when long-pressed.

However, it’s important to note that the absence of a physical cable connection might be a drawback for users who prefer the flexibility of a 3.5mm audio jack or USB-C port. This design choice aligns with the growing trend towards wireless connectivity.

An LED indicator provides essential information about pairing, power status, and charging. Additionally, the presence of air vents behind the ear cups enhances driver performance and contributes to overall comfort during extended use.

Sony WH-CH520 Microphone and Call Quality

Microphone FeatureDetails
Microphone TypeBeamforming
Background NoiseEffective in noisy environments
Communication UseSuitable for leisure and professional calls

The Sony WH-CH520 incorporates a single forward-facing beamforming microphone to ensure clear and effective communication during calls. In real-world testing, the microphone demonstrated its capability even in environments with background noise.

The inclusion of advanced microphone technology aligns with the increasing reliance on headphones for communication, making the WH-CH520 a versatile option for both leisure and professional use.

Sony WH-CH520 Software Features

Software FeatureDetails
App CompatibilitySony Headphones App
Customization OptionsEQ Calibration, Preset EQs, Custom EQs
360 Reality AudioSupported for immersive audio experience
Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)Enhances audio quality of compressed files
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2

One of the standout features of the WH-CH520 is its compatibility with the Sony Headphones App. This app opens up a realm of possibilities for users, allowing them to customize their listening experience.

The EQ calibration feature within the app ensures optimal performance by tailoring the audio to individual preferences. Preset EQs such as ‘bright’ and ‘excited’ cater to different music genres, while the ability to create custom EQs provides users with a personalized audio profile.

Additionally, the support for 360 Reality Audio adds a layer of immersion, transforming the listening experience into a three-dimensional auditory journey. The inclusion of Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) further enhances the quality of compressed audio files, a feature typically found in higher-priced headphones.

The WH-CH520 also boasts Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, ensuring a stable and efficient wireless connection.

Sony WH-CH520 Sound Quality

Sound ProfileDetails
Bass OutputStrong, Bouncy, Full
Vocal ClarityRespectable for male and female vocals
Mid-RangeSlightly in need of a lift
CustomizationSony Headphones App for personalized EQs

The default sound profile of the WH-CH520 emphasizes a strong, bouncy bass and respectable vocal clarity. Sony provides users with the ability to tailor their listening experience through the headphones app, offering various preset EQs such as ‘bright’ and ‘excited.’

For those seeking a personalized experience, the app allows users to create custom EQs, ensuring an optimal audio experience across different music genres.

Wrapping up

In the realm of on-ear headphones, the Sony WH-CH520 stands out for several reasons. Its build quality, backed by Sony’s 40 years of audio expertise, sets it apart in the sub-60$ price category. The headphones’ software features, including 360 Reality Audio support and multi-point pairing, add substantial value.

The impressive battery life of up to 50 hours further solidifies the WH-CH520 as a sound investment for those looking for reliable on-ear headphones.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for on-ear headphones that offer a winning combination of build quality, audio expertise, software features, and long-lasting battery life, the Sony WH-CH520 is a compelling choice.

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1. Can I use the Sony WH-CH520 with a wired connection?

No, the WH-CH520 is solely reliant on Bluetooth and does not support wired connections.

2. How is the call quality on the Sony WH-CH520?

The beamforming microphone ensures clear communication even in noisy environments, making it suitable for both leisure and professional calls.

3. What is the battery life, and how does it charge?

The WH-CH520 offers an impressive 50-hour battery life at 60% volume, and a quick three-minute charge via USB-C provides 1.5 hours of power.

4. Can I customize the sound profile?

Yes, the Sony Headphones App allows users to customize the sound profile with EQ calibration, preset EQs, and the option to create custom EQs for a personalized audio experience.

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