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Soundcore Life Q35 Vs Q30: Which Is The Best Value ANC Headphones?

Welcome to the world of upgraded audio experience with the Anker Soundcore Life Q35, a refined version of the Life Q30. Unveiling additional features such as the LDAC codec, distinctive earpads, a protective case, and a slightly enhanced default tuning, the Q35 promises an even more immersive listening journey.

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll meticulously dissect the differences between the Soundcore Life Q35 and its predecessor, the Life Q30. From design nuances to advanced features, sound quality, microphone capabilities, and overall performance, we’ve got you covered.

“Whether you’re a bass enthusiast or prioritize top-notch noise reduction, we’ll guide you through the distinctions that define the Life Q35 and Q30 headphones.”

So, buckle up for an insightful exploration into the realm of audio excellence as we break down the key elements that set the Life Q35 apart. Without further ado, let’s dive into this detailed comparison.

Key Specifications:

FeaturesSoundcore Life Q35Soundcore Life Q30
Image of Soundcore by Anker Life Q35 Multi Mode Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Image of Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Headphones Type:Over-Ear, Closed-backOver-Ear, Closed-back
Drivers:2 × 40mm full range40mm dynamic
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0 and NFCBluetooth 5.0 and NFC
Frequency Response:16Hz – 40kHz16-40,000Hz
Impedance:16 ohms16 ohms
Price: Check Price Check Price

Both headphones offer LDAC technology for high-resolution audio streaming and boast a battery life of up to 40 hours with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Additionally, the Q35 headphones come equipped with Hi-Res Audio and High-Res Audio Wireless certifications. They also feature two beamforming microphones enhanced by AI technology.

“Q35 headphones offer Hi-Res Audio and High-Res Audio Wireless certifications.”

The Q30 headphones provide support for SBC, AAC, and LDAC audio codecs. Conversely, the Q35 headphones support SBC, AAC, and the premium LDAC codec, while aptX is not included.

“Q35 headphones support premium LDAC codec, excluding aptX.”

In terms of frequency response, the Q30 covers a range of 16Hz to 40kHz, whereas the Q35 spans from 16Hz to 40,000Hz.

Battery Life (ANC on)Up to 40 hoursUp to 40 hours
CertificationsHi-Res Audio Wireless, AI-enhanced microphonesHi-Res Audio, High-Res Audio Wireless, AI-enhanced microphones
Frequency Response16Hz to 40kHz16Hz to 40,000Hz

What is the difference between Soundcore Q30 and Q35?

Soundcore Q30Soundcore Q35
Weight: 260gWeight: 270g
Active noise cancellation (ANC)Active noise cancellation (ANC)
Lowest frequency: 16HzLowest frequency: 16Hz
Battery life: 60 hoursBattery life: 40 hours
Charge time: 2 hoursCharge time: Not specified
Comfortable fitOn-ear detection
Better ANC performance compared to Q35LDAC support
Beamforming microphones
AI noise reduction (for calls)
New hard-shell case design
Right angle audio cable with inline remote/microphone
Better overall microphone performance than Q30

Soundcore Life Q35 Vs Q30: What’s Included in the Box

I want to start with the accessories. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find inside the boxes of the Soundcore Life Q30 and Q35 headphones:

Included in Soundcore Life Q30 BoxIncluded in Soundcore Life Q35 Box
Soundcore Life Q30 headphonesSoundcore Life Q35 headphones
3.5mm AUX cableUSB-C charging cable
USB-C charging cable3.5mm AUX cable
Travel pouchAirline adapter
User manualCarrying case

The Q35 headphones offer additional accessories, including an airline adapter and a more protective carrying case, as compared to the Q30’s travel pouch.

“The Q35 headphones offer a few extra accessories compared to the Q30, including an airline adapter and a carrying case instead of a travel pouch.”

Soundcore Life Q35 Vs Q30: Design and Comfort

Exploring the nuances of design and comfort between the Soundcore Life Q35 and Q30 headphones reveals subtle distinctions that may sway your preference.

When it comes to size, the Q35 headphones boast slightly larger ear cups compared to the Q30. While this difference might not be immediately noticeable, a closer inspection highlights the distinction. Both models, however, feature memory foam ear cups, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. The Q35 gains an upper hand in comfort due to its larger ear cushions, providing a snug fit around the entire ear, making it ideal for extended listening sessions.

“The Q35’s larger ear cups enhance comfort, offering a snug fit around the entire ear, perfect for extended listening sessions.”

Despite the potential concern about bulkiness due to the larger size of the Q35, many users prefer it precisely for the enhanced comfort it provides. The well-cushioned, larger ear cups allow for extended wear without discomfort. Although the Q35 is slightly heavier due to its larger design, the weight difference is not prominent in real-world usage. The effective weight distribution by the well-fitted ear cups makes it inconspicuous during wear.

What features do Soundcore Q35 and Q30 have in Common?

Common FeaturesLife Q35Life Q30
NFC Fast PairingPresentPresent
High-Resolution AudioAvailableAvailable
PlaytimeUp to 40 hoursUp to 40 hours
5-Minute Fast ChargingProviding 4 hours of playbackProviding 4 hours of playback
Touch-Sensitive InterfaceEnabling toggling between modesEnabling toggling between modes
Active Noise Cancellation ModesIndoor, Outdoor, TransportIndoor, Outdoor, Transport
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C
App SupportSupported through the Soundcore appSupported through the Soundcore app
Additional FeaturesSmart Wearing Detection
Advanced Noise Reduction Technology (Microphones)AI noise-reduction technology

“Both the Q35 and Q30 share common features in terms of physical controls and connectivity.”

Both headphones offer NFC fast pairing, high-resolution audio, and 40 hours of playtime. The convenience of 5-minute fast charging, providing 4 hours of playback, is present in both models. Both headphones also feature a touch-sensitive interface that allows for toggling between transparency mode and active noise cancellation by tapping on the ear cups.

How Do Life Q35 and Life Q30 Compare in terms of Active Noise cancellation?

In the realm of active noise cancellation, both models excel, providing three modes: Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport. This versatility ensures effective noise isolation in various environments. Additionally, both headphones utilize USB-C for charging, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Does Q35 and Q30 Both are App Supported?

App support is a shared feature, with both the Q35 and Q30 being app-enabled. The Soundcore app allows users to customize settings, including adjusting equalizer settings and updating firmware. This enhances the user experience and convenience.

What are the Additional Features that Sets them apart?

However, the Q35 headphones introduce a distinctive feature – Smart Wearing Detection. This innovative technology automatically pauses playback when the headphones are removed from your head, contributing to power efficiency and user convenience.

How is the noise reduction in Anker Q35 and Q30?

The Q35 model goes a step further by incorporating AI noise-reduction technology for its microphones. This advanced feature utilizes artificial intelligence to reduce background noise, resulting in clearer voice transmission during phone calls.

Soundcore Life Q35 Vs Q30: Sound Quality Comparison

Sound Quality Soundcore Life Q35Soundcore Life Q30
Bass HandlingEnhanced bass technology for impactful responseRespectable bass performance, but not as elevated
Overall Sound QualityClear and well-balanced audio across genresClear and accurate sound, suitable for a wide range
Genre EmphasisIdeal for genres like EDM and hip-hop with pronounced bassMore neutral sound profile, suitable for various genres
Preference for Bass EnthusiastsImmersive music experience with impactful low-endMay not provide the same level of bass satisfaction

When evaluating the sound quality of the Soundcore Life Q35 and Q30 headphones, several factors come into play. Both models deliver impressive sound, but the key difference lies in their approach to bass frequencies.

“The Q35 headphones stand out with enhanced bass technology, offering an immersive music experience with impactful low-end frequencies. Ideal for genres like EDM and hip-hop where pronounced bass is crucial.”

Conversely, the Q30 headphones provide respectable bass performance without elevating it to the same extent as the Q35. This makes the Q30 a solid choice for those who prefer a more neutral sound profile suitable for various music genres.

How Q35 and Q30 can Compare in terms of mic qualities?

When considering microphone quality, both models perform well in terms of clarity during calls and recordings. However, the Q35 offers an advantage with its AI noise reduction technology. This feature utilizes artificial intelligence to reduce external noise, resulting in clearer and more intelligible voice transmission.

“This can be particularly beneficial when using headphones for calls or voice recordings in noisy environments.”

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

“As we conclude this comparison, let’s recap the key takeaways and provide recommendations based on different preferences.”

Recapping the Key Takeaways

With its enhanced bass technology, these headphones cater to genres like EDM, hip-hop, and other bass-heavy music styles. The larger ear cups and smart wearing detection feature contribute to a comfortable and convenient listening experience. The AI noise reduction technology further elevates the microphone performance, making phone calls and voice recordings clearer even in noisy environments.

“The Soundcore Life Q35 headphones present a compelling package for those who revel in deep, impactful bass.”

The neutral sound profile ensures an accurate representation of various instruments and vocals, making it a suitable choice for audiophiles seeking a well-rounded audio experience. The Q30 offers great comfort, a convenient touch-sensitive interface, and high-quality microphone capabilities.

“On the other hand, the Soundcore Life Q30 headphones excel in versatility, providing a balanced sound signature that suits a wide array of music genres.”

Which One Should You Buy, Soundcore Life Q35 or Q30?

“If you’re someone who thrives on bass-heavy and desires advanced microphone features, the Q35 might be your ideal companion.”

“However, if you appreciate versatility in sound and seek a headphone that fits seamlessly into various music genres, the Q30 is a compelling option.”

Budget Considerations

“In terms of budget considerations, the Soundcore Life Q30 headphones offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.”

On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest a bit more for enhanced bass and advanced features like smart wearing detection and AI noise reduction, the Q35 is a worthwhile upgrade.

Soundcore Life Q35Soundcore Life Q30
Image of Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Check PriceCheck Price

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