Srhythm Nice Comfort 95 vs Apple Airpods Max COMPARISON REVIEW. Which one is BETTER VALUE
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Srhythm Nice Comfort 95 vs Apple Airpods Max COMPARISON REVIEW. Which one is BETTER VALUE!?

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Hey, what’s up Guys, Today as you already know from the title, I am going to compare the Srhythm Nice Comfort 95 with Apple Airpods Max. In the last article, we compared Srhythm NC25 Pro and Srhythm NC35

So without further ado let’s begin.

Srhythm Nice Comfort 95Apple Airpods Max
Picture of Srhythm NiceComfort 95 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones Picture of Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
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Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: A Design/ Looks Comparison

When I received the NC95, my initial impression was great. You take them out of the box, and you’re like, ‘Wow, this actually looks just as good, if not even better.’ I think the chrome rim on the edge of NC95 is something some people will appreciate more than the very simplistic design of the AirPods Max. So, it’s not just copying what’s already great, but possibly even improving upon it in some ways, especially in terms of design.

When I received the AirPods Max and started examining them, they also felt very good. They offer exceptional comfort, which we’ll discuss a little later. I found myself thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be truly amazing if they sounded the same?

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: A Sound Quality Comparison

If I could honestly tell you that Srhythm NC95 and AirPods Max sound the same or very similar, allowing you to comfortably keep $440 in your pocket when making your purchasing decision, that would be ideal. However, the truth is, they do not sound the same.

The AirPods Max unquestionably offers superior sound quality in every aspect. When it comes to sound quality, certain differences stand out, which most people will undoubtedly notice. I immediately detected these distinctions when listening to them side by side.

Lower Ends

So, let’s delve into some details, starting with the lower end of the frequency spectrum. The bass on the AirPods Max sounds more natural, direct, and quite boomy compared to the S Rhythm NC95, which carries a slightly echoey quality.

This isn’t necessarily a negative aspect; it’s purely a matter of personal preference. I attribute this difference to the quality of the driver used. The driver in the AirPods Max feels akin to a naturally powerful speaker, capable of delivering bass by moving air.

There’s a digitally equalized element to the sound in the lower frequencies. While this isn’t inherently unfavorable, it’s crucial not to assume that everyone would find these preferable. I strive to provide an honest assessment.


Shifting our focus to the highs, the AirPods Max delivers a rich, detailed sound. While there is a minor hint of harshness in the highs compared to the AirPods Max, I still give credit to the S Rhythm NC95 for its extensive high-frequency range. The highs are natural and lack the fatiguing effect often associated with prolonged listening to harsh-sounding highs.


Moving on to the mids of the AirPods Max, they are masterfully executed. Striking a delicate balance, the tuning preserves clarity without making the headphones sound dull or overly busy in the midrange.

This meticulous balance ensures a pleasing sound signature that resonates well with most listeners, from the average to even the most discerning audiophiles. Arguably, the mids constitute the highlight of the S Rhythm NC95’s sound signature.

The vocals are well-reproduced in every song, presented with an ideal level of retraction to enhance the overall listening experience.

However, there’s one more aspect of their sound signature that needs addressing, and unfortunately, it’s not positive. A clear example of this can be heard in tracks like “The Tipping Point” by Tears for Fears.

At the song’s onset, when synthetic strings come into play, a good headphone set would deliver a clean and smooth sound. However, in the case of the S Rhythm NC95, there’s a discernible harmonic distortion that compromises the listening experience. This distortion detracts from the audio quality and is an issue that should not be present.

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: A Comfort Comparison

Moving on to ergonomics the Srhythm nc95 very comfortable set. These are Super soft, beautiful to touch material, and very nice padding inside everything here signifies an upscale higher-end product.

when you put them on your head they sit nicely, you can listen to them for four hours without getting tired. I wish the ear cups were a little bit bigger just like they are on the AirPods Max because my ears are on the border of being too small they’re they’re still okay but people with bigger ears than mine will definitely start complaining.

The extendable arms are taken directly from the AirPods Max a very cool design that is well executed. It works it’s convenient it’s easy to use no questions here I feel like this will last and stand the test of time.

Moving to AirPods Max, of course, no need to highlight all the comfort and beauty of the design this has been discussed in a million Reviews and Comparisons. The headband is different and if you wonder what is the level of comfort difference between Srhythm nc95 and Airpods Max, I would say AirPods Max wins again.

Because When you put AirPods Max on your head, the headband feels like there’s almost nothing sitting on your head after long hours of listening to music through them.

So this is where Apple worked their magic and redesigned so much stuff about headphones again that it’s hard to resist these and not like them.

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: Controls and Usability Comparison

Control mechanisms for both models are quite similar. The Srhythm Nice Comfort 95 borrows the spinning push button design from the AirPods Max, streamlining user interaction.

This design proves to be intuitive and convenient, allowing seamless switching between different modes. While the Srhythm model’s controls are commendable, the AirPods Max outperforms with enhanced noise cancellation capabilities, providing superior noise isolation.

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: ANC (Noise-Cancellation) Comparison

From the user experience standpoint, I am going to give the edge to Airpods Max it does seem to be working a little bit better canceling more of the noise around you but it’s again not terrible it actually works on these it just doesn’t work as good.

Comparing Srhythm NC95 and Apple AirPods Max Microphone Performance

Now, let’s dive into a microphone comparison between Srhythm NC95 and Apple AirPods Max, specifically focusing on phone call quality. We conducted tests in similar conditions, including exposure to wind noise, to evaluate how well these headphones handle challenging sound environments.

When it comes to wind noise, both headphones faced difficulties during testing. We assessed their ability to manage wind noise and this sheds light on their respective noise resolution capabilities. This comparison is particularly useful for understanding the differences between the two headphones, especially when dealing with outdoor situations.

To push the microphones even further, we introduced an extra layer of noise – a neighbor using a leaf blower nearby. Our goal was to determine whether the headphones could effectively separate the user’s voice from this intrusive background noise, ensuring clear communication for the person on the other end of the call.

During the test, we spoke directly into a separate recording device (h1n) while wearing the headphones. This method was chosen to accurately evaluate how each headphone performs in reducing noise during phone calls.

And now, the results. Unfortunately, both Srhythm NC95 and Apple AirPods Max struggled with wind noise. We captured a sample sentence with wind noise in the background to illustrate the issue.

Additionally, when our neighbor used a leaf blower nearby, both sets of headphones struggled to adequately distinguish and transmit the user’s voice to the call recipient. This highlights that the microphones’ noise cancellation and resolution capabilities are not fully up to par for outdoor and noisy environments.

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: App Support Comparison

In terms of app support, we’re hitting a snag, because it doesn’t exist for S Rhythm headphones at the time of posting this review maybe it will be there in the future. I think it will it should be so obviously when it comes to the functionality there’s absolutely no contest here Airpods Max win.

It’s not a secret anymore how convenient Airpods Max is to use with all your iOS devices and how easy it is to connect them and switch between devices without turning them off and so on.

I can at least say that as far as connecting the S Rhythm nc95 to my phone, it was really easy. I basically took them out of the box, pressed the button and there it was, Bluetooth connected immediately and every time I turn them on they still reconnect immediately.

There’s no breaking of the connection there’s no dropping it there’s no interruptions so that part works well.

Srhythm NC95 vs Apple Airpods Max: Battery Comparison

The battery works so well, on both sets that it’s not even worth commenting on. Honestly, they will easily get you through the whole day even if you start listening right when you wake up and stop when you’re falling asleep, and then of course you can recharge overnight.

Price Comparison NC95 and Airpods Max: Is the $440 Difference Worth It?

The crux of the matter lies in whether the discrepancy warrants the $440 difference.

For audiophiles and those who demand the utmost quality from their equipment, the answer is a resounding yes. While the price tag may be considerable, the investment is justifiable for a discerning ear.

On the other hand, for those with tighter budgets or more casual listeners, the choice becomes more complex. Headphones in the $60 range offer an appealing package, blending style, and satisfactory sound quality, although not on par with the AirPods Max. This distinction is crucial to acknowledge.

Srhythm Nice Comfort 95Apple Airpods Max
Picture of Srhythm NiceComfort 95 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones Picture of Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
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Let’s begin by discussing sound quality. It’s a clear win for the AirPods Max. However, things get a bit murkier when we delve into aesthetics, and I completely understand if certain individuals find the alternative more appealing.

In terms of comfort, both options are comparable, but the AirPods Max holds a slight edge. Everyday usability and operation are nearly identical. Of course, the AirPods Max has a clear advantage in terms of app support and integration with the iOS system.

For many, the final decision will ultimately hinge on the price difference. The $440 that you could save by opting for the S Rhythm set could be allocated towards additional audio equipment, enhancing your home Hi-Fi system.

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments. I hope you found this review enjoyable and, most importantly, informative enough to make an educated decision.

That concludes my review. Thank you immensely for your time and attention.

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