Sennheiser HD 650 vs Philips Fidelio X2HR What are Similarities and Differences and Which is Better
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Sennheiser HD 650 vs Philips Fidelio x2HR: What are Similarities and Differences and Which is Better?

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Are you curious to know about Sennheiser HD 650 Vs Philips Fidelio X2HR? What are Similarities and Differences and Which is Better?

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to another comparison article. Last time we discussed Studio Headphones Vs Gaming Headphones and today we will compare two popular brands that have been making products for many years: the Sennheiser HD 650 and Philips Fidelio X2HR.

If you are here you already know Choosing the best headphones to meet your preferences is the most important thing and when two popular brands come to the ground it becomes even more difficult to decide between them.

But as usual, don’t worry I’m here to help you. 

Throughout this article Firstly we will look at an overview of both headphones then design and build quality, connectivity, sound quality, and lastly the price.

So sit back and relax, because this article will be in detail. I’ll help you decide between these headphones, and by the end of this article, you will know which one fits your needs.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive straight into this comparison.

Overview of Sennheiser HD 650

Picture of Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones on a Table

You know, Sennheiser has got to be one of those super famous professional brands when we talk about headphones, both the vintage legends and the cool modern ones. So, the HD 650 headphones?

They’re part of that classic crew. Believe it or not, these babies made their grand entrance on October 2, 2001, and guess what? They’re still hanging strong as the go-to headphones for loads of professionals scattered across the globe.

Oh, and here’s the kicker – they’ve got this slick open-back design going on, and trust me, they’re packed with so many features that any serious audiophile would totally swoon over. Like, really, fall head over heels in love with ’em.

Overview of Philips Fidelio X2HR

Picture of Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones on a book with glasses

Switching gears to another fantastic brand, let’s talk about Philips. Just like the one I discussed earlier, Philips stands out as an incredibly professional headphones brand, and more. Philips has an impressive knack for crafting devices tailored to sound in all its glory.

Now, let’s dive into the Philips Fidelio X2 headphones. These headphones are fresh on the scene, having made their debut on September 30, 2014. They fall under the category of open-back headphones, offering a plethora of features that deserve a mention.

By the way, it’s worth noting that both headphones share an open-back design, which means you might find them a tad sensitive to noisy surroundings.

Key Specifications of the Headphones

Sennheiser HD650Philips Fidelio X2
Driver(s): 42mmDriver(s): 50mm
Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 15 kHzFrequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
Impedance: 300 ohmsImpedance: 30 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 103 dBSound Pressure Level (SPL): 100 dB
Weight: 9.1 ouncesWeight: 13.4 ounces
Dimensions: 12.4 x 10 x 4.33 inchesDimensions: 4.33 x 7.48 x 9.05 inches

What similarities do the HD650 and Fidelio X2 share?

  • Both Philips X2 and HD650 Headphones feature an open-back design.
  • Both headsets offer a comfortable circumaural fit.
  • And They fall within a similar price tag.

Sennheiser HD 650 vs Philips Fidelio X2 – Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you’ve got a grasp of what these headphones are all about and who they cater to, let’s dive right into the key points that deserve attention and settle that comparison once and for all.

Sennheiser HD 650 vs. Fidelio X2HR: A Design and Build Comparison

How Design and build quality is compared of Philips Fidelio X2HR vs Sennheiser HD 650

Let’s start with the design and build aspects of these two headphones. The Sennheiser HD 650 boasts a stylish and classy appearance. Its plastic parts feature subtle grey metallic accents, complemented by light grey badges on the open grilles.

This combination of colors and textures gives the HD 650 headphones an air of sophistication. However, it’s worth noting that they have done away with the color-coded Y cable that older models included, which could be considered a minor drawback.

On the other hand, the Fidelio X2 headphones sport a sleek and pragmatic design that prioritizes comfort. The headband adopts an airy hammock structure, and the memory foam earpads can be removed, not only contributing to comfort but also lending a cool aesthetic.

This thoughtful design significantly enhances the wearing experience.

As for their construction, the HD 650 headphones exhibit a refined frame design, incorporating plastic elements with a metallic sheen. Their craftsmanship is evident, despite the omission of the color-coded Y cable.

Conversely, the X2 headphones exude meticulous attention to detail. Crafted from high-quality materials, they feel robust and well-constructed. The substantial weight of the X2 headphones imparts a sense of durability and reliability, showcasing the expertise that went into their production.

Sennheiser HD 650 vs. Fidelio X2HR: A Comfort Comparison

How Comfort is compared of Sennheiser HD 650 and Philips Fidelio X2HR

How Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, the Sennheiser HD 650 truly excels, making it a fantastic choice for marathon listening sessions. Its design and cushioning are optimized for prolonged use. Both the ear cups and headband feature generous padding, ensuring a cozy fit even during extended wear. The spacious ear cups accommodate larger ears comfortably and are gentle on eyeglass wearers.

The lightweight construction of these headphones further enhances their suitability for extended listening sessions. The ear cups are designed to swivel, adapting to your head’s contours and reducing pressure points, resulting in a snug fit.

While they lack folding hinges for portability, they are tailor-made for home or studio setups. The open-back design offers an expansive soundstage, but it may not be ideal for noise isolation, making it a great fit for tranquil environments like private offices or dens.

How Fidelio X2HR headphones are comfortable?

Moving on to the Philips Fidelio X2, these headphones shine in the comfort department, boasting premium materials and a meticulous focus on ear-friendly design. The adjustable headband, with its hammock-inspired structure, evenly distributes weight, preventing discomfort from pressure points. The memory foam earpads are luxuriously soft and create a secure seal, effectively isolating sound and enhancing bass response.

The ear cups cradle your head with a gentle yet secure embrace, working harmoniously with the lightweight build to ensure fatigue-free, extended usage. The exceptional comfort of the Fidelio X2 truly shines during lengthy listening sessions, whether you’re engrossed in music, movies, or gaming. These headphones are tailor-made for comfort during prolonged use. And there’s more. The Philips Fidelio X2 exhibits remarkable versatility, performing admirably whether connected to a high-end amplifier or a simple mobile device.

Their open-back design contributes to a natural and expansive soundstage, although it might not fare well in noisy environments. These headphones are finely tuned for immersive listening in serene settings.

While they excel in comfort, there are a couple of minor trade-offs to consider. They don’t offer complete sound isolation, which could lead to some sound leakage and reduced isolation in noisy surroundings. Additionally, the lengthy cable might prove slightly inconvenient for on-the-go use.

Who is the Winner?

Both headphones are comfortable, but the Philips Fidelio X2HR has a slight edge with its hammock-inspired adjustable headband and memory foam earpads.

Sennheiser HD 650 vs. Fidelio X2HR: A Connectivity and Compatibility Comparison

How hd650 and fidelio x2 headphones do connect

When it comes to connectivity and compatibility, the Sennheiser HD 650 and the Philips Fidelio X2HR present distinct features that cater to different needs.

How does Sennheiser HD 650 Connect?

The HD 650 headphones arrive with a 1/4-inch plug-terminated cable right out of the box. To broaden its compatibility horizons, an additional short adapter cable is included, transforming the connection into the more ubiquitous 3.5mm jack.

However, the connection journey doesn’t stop there. The HD 650 extends its reach through a 3-meter cable, which, admittedly, can be a bit unwieldy in tighter spaces. The cable culminates in a hefty 1/4-inch TRS plug, making it evident that these headphones are oriented toward more stationary setups.

The cable branching into a Y-shape might remind one of a tree’s structure, but instead of leaves, each ear cup is embraced by Sennheiser’s customary 2-pin push-fit connectors. Practicality depends on context; if these headphones find their forever home on a desk or near a cozy armchair, the cable conundrum might not faze you.

But, a caveat emerges: your audio source might need an extra nudge of power to fully unleash the HD 650’s sonic potential. Surprisingly, it boasts 6dB more sensitivity than its sibling, the HD 600. Should your musical journey lead you to an amplifier-less crossroads, an amplifier might just be your ticket to optimal listening nirvana.

How does Philips Fidelio X2HR Connect?

On the other side of the spectrum, the Philips Fidelio X2HR headphones embrace the concept of versatility with a warm embrace. Sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack, these headphones wear the badge of universal compatibility with pride.

From smartphones and tablets to laptops and audio interfaces, the Fidelio X2HR effortlessly dances with a wide array of devices. It’s like they have a knack for making any audio setup feel like a cozy home.

What truly sets the Fidelio X2HR apart is its independence from the confines of a dedicated headphone amplifier. Unlike certain audiophile-grade headphones that demand an external boost, the Fidelio X2HR marches to the beat of its own drum, harmonizing beautifully with various sources.

Your iPad or smartphone can join the musical festivities, driving these headphones without breaking a sweat. This liberation offers a refreshingly unburdened listening voyage, devoid of the usual gear entourage.

Who is the Winner?

In connectivity and compatibility comparison, the Philips Fidelio X2HR is the winner. It offers more versatility and ease of use with its 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing for seamless connection to various devices without the need for an external amplifier. The Sennheiser HD 650, on the other hand, requires an adapter and may benefit from an amplifier to fully unleash its sonic potential.

Sennheiser HD 650 vs. Fidelio X2HR: Which Headphones Have Better Sound?

Which Headphones Have Better Sound Sennheiser HD 650 vs Philips Fidelio X2HR

When comparing the Sennheiser HD 650 and the Philips Fidelio X2HR, The Sennheiser HD 650 has a more natural and balanced sound. Its treble is smooth, the midrange is clear, and the bass is tight.

On the other hand, the Philips Fidelio X2HR is known for its slightly ‘relaxed,’ ‘fun,’ and overall ‘pleasant’ sound. It’s like it’s made to whisk you away into your music.

Now, let’s get technical. The Philips Fidelio X2HR has a lower impedance of 30 Ohms, while the Sennheiser HD 650 sits at a whopping 300 Ohms.

What does that mean? Well, the Philips one can be easily powered by your portable devices. Also, the X2HR boasts a lower low-frequency response of 5Hz compared to the HD 650’s 10Hz. So, if you’re into music with some serious bass, the Philips headphones might be your go-to.

Who is the Winner?

Sennheiser HD 650 is the winner in terms of sound quality, with a more balanced and natural sound. However, the Philips Fidelio X2HR may be a better choice for those who want a more relaxed and enjoyable listening experience.

What is the Price of HD650 and Fidelio X2?

Sennheiser HD 650Philips Fidelio X2HR
Image of Sennheiser HD 650 - Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone Picture of Philips Fidelio X2 headphones in black
Check Price Check Price

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In the comparison between the Sennheiser HD 650 and the Philips Fidelio X2, it’s evident that each headphone brings distinct strengths to the table. The HD 650 excels with its well-balanced and accurate sound, making it a great fit for those who appreciate fine details in music and are avid audiophiles. On the other hand, the Fidelio X2 takes the spotlight with its impressive comfort and immersive qualities, making it an excellent choice for extended music sessions, movie marathons, and gaming adventures. Both headphones I’ve reviewed perform admirably for their intended purposes.

If you’re on the hunt for a clear winner between the Sennheiser HD 650 and Philips Fidelio X2, considering the aspects I’ve highlighted, the Philips Fidelio X2 headphones emerge slightly superior.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your priorities. If you place a high value on precise sound replication and studio-grade performance, the HD 650 might be your preferred option. On the flip side, if you prioritize comfort and an engaging audio encounter in quieter environments, the Fidelio X2 could be your ideal choice. Both headphones boast outstanding quality, catering to diverse preferences and usage scenarios.

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